What is SEO? This May Shock You…

In a nutshell, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is web development that focuses on factors that help your website show up in the search engine results page.

Search engines, like google and Bing, rely on computer algorithms that will crawl your website and then determine what your website is about overall.

Your website development therefore must indicate to the search engines exactly what it is your business actually does.

So whenever a potential client is looking for a solution to their problem, a solution that your company offers, you want to make sure that your website shows up in the search results and gets in front of your perfect prospect.

Essentially, having your website show up on the first page of google’s organic results page, is where SEO comes in.

Introducing Artistic Pixels SEO Services

This is where SEO is critical.

As a business owner, know the importance of getting your business online, but may fail to understand the critical factor that SEO plays in making sure that your website can be found by the main search engines.

When you’re thinking of your website design, having a team of web developers that also integrate SEO best practices, is something that must take priority.

It doesn’t matter how fabulous you think your website is, if your prospects can’t find it, then you’re site is useless.

How To Measure Your SEO Efforts

How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaign

Artistic Pixels will not only design a professional website that loads fast, but will also develop your site so that the search engines can find you.

Now your website is generating new customers and leads 24/7 and never sleeps.

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