Website Design

What is Website Design?

When most folks think of web design, they think of designing a website – colors, images fonts etc.

While this may be true at first glance, there are actually much more important components to website design than that.

For example, website design encompasses many different skills and many facets to actually create a site that will get noticed. Some of the more important areas of designing a website include:

  • Interface design
  • Authoring, code and software
  • User experience design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When talking to a web design company, ask them how many websites they’ve created and if they’ve got any results or testimonials from their clients.

Why is this important?

Well there are many companies out there that claim to be the best website design company, but have no feedback from their clients as to any results that they’ve received from their website being online.

Introducing: Website Development Done Right

Here at Artistic Pixels, we take the approach of website design services to a whole new level.

We want to get results for our clients in terms of more traffic, more leads and more customers.

What good is a website for your business if it doesn’t bring any new clients?


Sample Portfolio


About Last Night

About Last Night was developed to showcase the 400+ images relating to their Event Planning and Wedding Planning service.



Warhall Designs

Warhall designs was developed to give the users the ability to pick their own custom remodeling for their homes.




Green Room Staging

Green Room Staging was developed to explain the benefits of staging a home to sell for top dollar and to help homeowners set their home up for selling.


Anderson Music Studios

Anderson Music Studios was developed to showcase the killer music studio that David Anderson created to teach students to play the instrument of their dreams.


Now while making your website look pretty is an important aspect, you also want to make sure that your prospects and customers can find you online.

This is where proper SEO comes into place.

We start with a killer web design, then kick your site up a notch by making it a lead-generating machine.

For this, your website must have correct SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

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